1907 M.A.N Factory Augsburg

1924 Shipyard Deggendorf

The 20th century

At the start of the 20th century under the management of Paul Reusch, GHH develops from a company focusing on mining as well as ship, bridge and machine construction into a national and transnationally operating company with innovative products. In 1904, GHH engineers design and manufacture the company's first steam turbine.

GHH experiences growth

Reusch pushes ahead with acquisitions and shareholdings in further processing businesses and trading companies: GHH acquires a shareholding in Deutsche Werft in Hamburg in 1918, in Mechanische Werkstatt von Johann Renk and the Dutch Ferrostaal in 1923, as well as in Deggendorfer Werft (DWE) in 1924.

GHH acquires M.A.N.

The paths of the two companies crossed in 1920 when GHH acquired a majority holding in M.A.N. and the parent company is then called GHH until 1986, headquartered in Oberhausen.