Rudolf Diesel, 12 years old

Rudolf Diesel, 22 years old

1898 Diesel at the engine fair in Munich

Rudolf Diesel in 1891

1899 Rudolf Diesel with his 3 children in Madonna di Campiglio

Rudolf Diesel in 1912

Diesel's home in Augsburg

A life defined by the diesel engine

In March 1892, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg received a letter from an engineer in Berlin asking the management to carry out the construction of a new engine that he had designed.

The applicant Rudolf Diesel (18 March 1858–29/30 September 1913) described his new procedure for improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines.

With this application, Rudolf Diesel proved his foresight and advanced thinking. The main drive source in the industrialised world at this time was the steam engine and Maschinenfabrik Augsburg was one of the largest steam engine manufacturers in Europe.

Nonetheless, Rudolf Diesel interested Heinrich von Buz, the director of the engineering works and in 1892, the young engineer was able to start construction of a first experimental engine.