The Hackerbrücke in Munich is one of the few remaining steel-concrete composite bridges dating from the 19th century.

Characteristic arches

The bridge with its characteristic arches, which were manufactured by MAN, was built between 1890 and 1894. What stood out in particular was the combination of the structural elements: Horizontal and vertical struts connected the aches which were arranged in pairs.

Destruction in 1945 and reconstruction in 1953

During the Second World War, an air raid destroyed the upper section of the Hackerbrücke. In 1953, it was rebuilt using the original parts. Due to gritting salt and melt water, the carriageway slab was replaced in 1984. The arches remained largely intact; their surface was slightly rusty, but they were as sturdy as in the olden days. Today, the Hackerbrücke is an important link over 27 railway tracks.

Route to the Oktoberfest

Every year in September and October, millions of Oktoberfest visitors walk across the Hackerbrücke to the Theresienwiese.