40,000 diesel tractors

51,826 diesel tractors

Behind this figure lies the success story of the legendary MAN tractor.

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9,592 ccm Displacement

The 780 HKA truck with the striking blue-red radiator grill is only one of many exciting exhibits of the museum.

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1.5 million historical documents

1.5 million historical documents

The historical archive in Augsburg cherishes the memory of over 250 years of company history.

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89 km per hour

This was the speed of the buses in the 1950s – on the way to the "Miracle of Bern" amongst other places.

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130,000 hp

Diesel's brilliant idea would change the world: Today, engines based on his invention power trucks, buses, family cars, huge container ships and generator sets.

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First Diesel Engine

Müngsten Bridge

Arm Prosthesis

Champions’ Truck

Six-Cylinder Diesel Engine

Patent Certificate

Rudolf Diesel:
Tinkerer and Inventor

Born in 1858 as the son of German parents in Paris, France, he already dealt with the question how to increase the efficiency of steam engines as a student.

Together with Maschinenfabrik Augsburg (predecessor of MAN) he eventually developed the world’s first Diesel engine.


MAN and Augsburg:
175 Years of History

Among other predecessor companies today’s MAN Group traces back to Sander’sche Maschinefabrik in Augsburg, Germany.

Today MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is a world’s leading supplier of large Diesel engines and turbomachinery with its headquarters in Augsburg. In 2015 MAN in Augsburg celebrates its 175th anniversary.


The MAN Museum:
A Time Travel Through the Past

Visitor Information: We ask you to announce your visit under +49 821 322 – 3366.

With an attractive selection of models, pictures, info boards and original exhibits the museum offers an interesting insight into the product world of MAN.


1846 – First Flat-bed Press

1846 – First flatbed press

One model was in use until 1974.


1854 – Glas Palace

1854 – Glass Palace

Probably the most famous building in Munich.


1855 – Steam Hauling Engine

1855 – Steam-powered winding engine

The first steam engine was manufactured in 1814.


1857 - Großhesselohe Bridge

The oldest railway bridge in southern Germany.


1877 - Rotary letterpress

This was used to print Meyer's Encyclopaedia.


1892 - Hackerbrücke

The bridge to the Oktoberfest in Munich.


1900 - World trade fair in Paris

The diesel engine did not bring success to its inventor.


1912 - MS Selandia

The first ocean-going ship with a diesel engine.


1948 - Steel House

Four of the buildings in Augsburg are still occupied.


1951 - Diesel Tractor

Tractors were manufactured from 1938 to 1963.


2004 - Six-cylinder engine

This engine uses common rail technology.


2008 - 250 Years of MAN

The next anniversary is in 2015.